Guidelines, Policies and Best Practices (a work in progress)

Care of Meeting Guidelines for Zoom and In-Person (May 2024)

Bellingham Friends Meeting Safety Policies for Outdoor Worship (COVID-19 guidelines revised January 2023)

Guidelines for Care of Meeting with Zoom (revised November 2020)

Guidelines for Care of Meeting (revised February 2020)

Policies and Plans for In-Person, Outdoor, Midweek Meeting for Worship (approved by Worship and Ministry Committee 5/25/2021)

Bellingham Friends Meeting Guidelines for Participation by People Accused, Charged, or Convicted of Sex Offenses (approved 11-8-2020)

Bellingham Friends Meeting Guidelines on Confidentiality (approved 7/12/2020)

Weather policy (revised February 2020)

Guidelines for Committees Communication (approved 11/13/2016)

Guidelines for Vocal Ministry (approved 2016)


All of these documents are also available as Microsoft Word/LibreOffice files. Contact us: for more information.



SIGN – Wear your mask when speaking