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Metamorphosis (a little history of our minutes)

In 1995, Bellingham Worship Group, under the care of University Friends Meeting, decided to become a preparatory Meeting. A newsletter was started and appropriately named “Metamorphosis”. When we became a Monthly Meeting in 1997, we tried to find another name, but “Metamorphosis” stayed the favorite. Betty McMahon was the editor for many years, expanding interest and readership.

Until mid-2011, the draft minutes to the Monthly Meeting were included as part of Metamorphosis, and because the minutes often included information considered more private (names with home addresses, phone numbers and personal details), the newsletter was available only to those who registered with this site. As of Sunday, April 11, 2011 the Meeting decided to separate the newsletter from the Meeting minutes and to make the newsletter available publicly. This went into effect starting in October 2011 and the minutes stopped being posted to the website. On June 14, 2015, the Meeting approved posting the minutes to the restricted side of the site. Click here to read recent minutes. (You will need access to view minutes and other restricted infomration. See above for information on logging in.)

Starting in 2015, Judy Hopkinson began to publish our e-Newsletter using an online mail program. While initially just a place for brief announcements, it grew in content and readership. Metamorphosis was sent by email and posted to our website, but with readership seeming to decline, it became a bimonthly publication in May of 2016, and Betty published the last issue in July of 2016. In September, Betty stepped down as editor, and in November of 2016, the Meeting laid down Metamorphosis. All available versions will remain on the website (see below).

2011 (October – December)
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2011 (January – September)