Metamorphosis 2010 March

March 2010 (Includes addendum)
Meeting for Worship Sundays at 10 AM at Explorations Academy, 1701 Ellis Street, Bellingham
Phone 360-734-0664 Mailing Address P.O. Box 30144 Bellingham, 98228-2144
Co-Clerks: Mimi Freshley, (922-0004) and Dorrie Jordan (354-3736) , Ministry and Counsel Members: Doris Ferm (756-0621), Mimi Freshley, Alice Robb (366-6005), Dorrie Jordan and Howard Harris (733-9071), Childrens Program Clerk Julie Batten (671-9773), Metamorphosis Editor: Sharon Trent (714-6141)

Query for March

Do you leave room for deep listening in the midst of a busy life? How does your faith encourage you to respond to the beauty and the mystery, as well as the pain and suffering, that surrounds you? Do you acknowledge and witness to that of God in others? Can you acknowledge and witness to that of God in yourself?
from Enlivened by the Mystery, p. 44

March 28th Friends Committee on National Legislation

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