Bellingham Friends Meeting

Bellingham Quakers – The Religious Society of Friends

Directions to Bellingham Friends Meeting

– If coming from the north on I-5, take State St./Ohio St (exit 254) onto Ohio St and continue about a half mile to Ellis St (one block past Franklin St). Turn left on Ellis St for less than two blocks and the Creekside Bldg will be the last building on your right.
– If coming from the south on I-5, take the Iowa St. exit (254) and turn left onto Iowa St. Continue about 3 blocks to N. State St (one block past King St) and turn left. In just over a block turn right onto Ohio and continue 3 1/2 blocks and turn left onto Ells St (one block past Frankin St). In less than two blocks, the Creekside Bldg will be the last building on your right.
ATTENTION: At last check, MapQuest and Google Maps have separate errors. Please note that while Ellis St runs into N State St just north of York St, one cannot turn left from N State onto Ellis from the south, nor turn left from Ellis onto N State from the south. Instead, continue north on N State St, turn left on Franklin St, left on Kansas St, and left on Ellis St. (From the north one CAN make a sharp right turn onto Ellis from N State.)

Map here.

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