Bellingham Friends Meeting

Bellingham Quakers – The Religious Society of Friends

Committee and Job Descriptions

Note: This page is mostly up to date. Most current job descriptions have links. The Nominating Committee is nominated by  Ministry and Counsel Committee and approved by the Meeting at our monthly Meeting for Business. Other committees, positions, representatives and liaisons are nominated by Nominating Committee and approved at Meeting for Business. Sign-up resonpsibilities are available to anyone who signs up with the exception of the Key Holders as keys need to be assigned. This page updated January 2018.

Please read the “Guidelines for Communication within Committees and Between Committees and our Monthly Meeting” HERE.




Weekly sign-up responsibilities

  • Key Holder/Setup
  • Setup Helper
  • Greeter (rev. 1/2018)
  • Snack
  • Kitchen setup
  • Kitchen setup helper
  • Children’s teacher
  • Care of Meeting (rev. 12/2017)
  • Kitchen cleanup
  • Kitchen cleanup help


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