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Greetings!  Quakers have a long history of honesty and openness.  There are some things, however, that are best not publicly displayed.  In particular, we are currently considering having this one portal for members, attenders, other Quakers, and others who are friends of our Meeting to have access to information that we are choosing to restrict from general view.  This may be information that could be used to harm or harass vulnerable children or others, and information that could be harvested by web robots to generate lists for spam.  If you would like access, it’s fast and easy, we just need to verify who you are and issue you a password.  Once you are registered, you may access the Meeting Directory, Picture Gallery, past issues of Metamorphosis (before a more defined privacy policy was in place), and other things that are not available to the public.  You can simply click the Quaker logo to your left above to continue.

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