Portal to the Private Sections of BellinghamFriends.org

Welcome to the restricted access portion of the site. There was a time when you could access from here the Meeting Directory, our Picture Gallery, and Metamorphosis (Newsletter) when there were more private things that were included with the minutes (like personal addresses and phone numbers). With the online directory very out of date, it has been removed. Anything the Meeting decides is not public can go here, but for now, this is what we’ve got:

New Picture Gallery

Very old pictures:
Picture Gallery (A – J)
Picture Gallery (K – Z)

Editable documents (job descriptions and other things)

Directory Updated 11/13/22 printable 4¼x11 bi-fold version (to be printed on both sides and assembled into a booklet)

Directory Updated 11/13/22 printable 8½x11 version (to be printed on one or two sides and kept as 8½x11)