Metamorphosis – February 2012

Newsletter of Bellingham Friends Meeting –  February 2012


Advices and Queries

This being human is a guest house, every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
Some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
Who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture,
Still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice meet them at the door laughing,
And invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes,
Because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.      –Rumi

Earthcare Query

Do we seek to create the conditions of peace,

such as the right sharing of the world’s resources

among people everywhere?


Speak Truth to Power

Speak Truth to Power: The Washington House of Representatives will be voting in the next few days on HB 2162, a bill that would amend the Shorelines Management Act to make it easier to develop coal export terminals on our coasts.


Friends are encouraged to call 1-800-592-6000 TODAY and ask your representative to “oppose HB 2162 unless it is amended so that it does not apply to coal export projects.”



Date/time Activity Description Contact
Feb 5 Potluck – aka Quaker Communion  
Feb 12 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business  
Feb 19 Peace and Social Concerns Committee Discussion on Population Issues  
Feb 26 Review of Faith and Practice Marriage and Committed Relationships  
March 4 Potluck  
March 11 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business  
Mon Mar 12 Book Group The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson Betty McMahon
Mon Mar 24 Interfaith Dinner-Auction Interfaith’s biggest fundraiser – Lakeway Inn – tickets $40 Sharon Trent
Thurs Mar 29 Spirit Group Decision Making and Spiritual Discernment by Nancy Bieber Joanne Cowan or Larry Thompson


Linda Johnson (I believe she is a Quaker) lives in AZ and is looking for a place to rent (a bedroom and bathroom) for 3-4 weeks in the Spring.  Her daughter lives in Lynden.  She is willing to spend $100 per week.  She can be reached at (602) 368-5848.  She would like to attend worship while here.

Interfaith Coalition’s March 24 auction

Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend Interfaith Coalition’s March 24 auction, “Wonder and Discovery in the Garden of Hope”.  Proceeds from the coalition’s biggest fundraising event of the year support housing for homeless families and health care for all in need. The auction, which raises more than one-third of Interfaith’s annual income, begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Best Western Lakeway Inn in Bellingham. Tickets are on sale now for $40 each, which includes a sit-down dinner.


You also may support the event by contributing an item to be auctioned. If you can provide a service, getaway home, or other sought-after item , then you have something to offer that would raise money to assist local people in need.  For more information, tickets, or to make a donation, please call Interfaith Coalition at 734-3983.



Communications & development director wanted at Interfaith Coalition

Interfaith Coalition is seeking a communications and development director to provide outreach to congregations and the community, coordinate fundraising events, and communicate the mission of the organization. Please contact Interfaith Coalition for a job description at 734-3983.



Sorry to say, but Laire Kohsman is moving back to Wyoming.  He wrote this Haiku as a gift to the Meeting.

Shoes in a circle
Breathing joyous servitude
Sharing Inner Light


Meeting for Worship Sundays at 10 AM at Explorations Academy, 1701 Ellis Street, Bellingham

Phone 360-734-0244    Mailing Address  P.O. Box 30144 Bellingham, 98228-2144 Website

Co-Clerks: Alice Turtle Robb,  and Judy Hopkinson, Ministry and Counsel Members:  Alice Turtle Robb, Lorina Hall, Mimi Freshley, Janine Hart-Horner.  Childrens Program Clerk, Jessica Bee


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